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              Coastal Scenes

Old Baldy

14" square
oil pastel drawing
(prints available)


Silver Lake Docks II
oil pastel drawing
16"H x 18"W


Cupola House, Edenton
acrylic painting
8" H x 10"W

Front Street, Bath
acrylic painting
8" H x 10"W



Silver Lake Southside
original acrylic painting
16"H x 20"W

Silver Lake Docks
original oil pastel drawing
19 1/2"H x 18"W


Silver Lake
acrylic painting on canvas
16"H x 20"W


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Sailfish Island
Acrylic painting  on canvas
36"H x 24"W

Dolphin Quilt
hand painted fabrics
machine pieced with hand quilting

see early figurative work

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